On the edge of the CBD and right in the heart of Windhoek’s vibrancy you’ll find Trift Towers - an investment opportunity that captures the essence of the capital city.

Trift Towers was the first of its kind, consisting of 82 up-market apartments ranging from Bachelor pads to exquisite Penthouses. Trift Towers was completed in November 2012 at a total cost of N$ 66 million.

It is the place to be with its astonishing views, spirited city vibe and stylish modern approach.

Acquiring its name from the street it is located on, Trift Street, this apartment block stands tall in a charming yet vibey area that truly captures the pulse of Windhoek’s CBD.

With its own three shops and close proximity to lively restaurants and lounges, Wernhil Park, galleries, Polytechnicon Namibia and the Playhouse Theatre - Trift Towers is the true centre of attention.

Van Wyngaarden Projects | 51A Parsons Road, Southern Industrial Area | Tel No: 00264 61 218039 | Fax No: 00264 61 227462